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Live Music, Bringing Back the 50s & 60s.
Acoustic Presentation in the Folk, Pop & Light Rock Genre.
Booking  --  Tim Woods at 1-619-698-0822.

Serving the Greater San Diego Area.

Wood'n'Lips (L-R): Gregory Gross, Bari Zwirn, Tim Woods.
Gregory Gross Bari Zwirn Tim Woods Wood'n'Lips in Santee
Wood'n'Lips on stage & in the spotlight (Santee).
Photo by Gregory Gross.


Wood'n'Lips' Thursday Night Open Mic is held courtesy
Kaffee Meister (logo)
Kaffee Meister Coffees & Treats
Located at 9225 Carlton Hills Blvd. (near Carlton Oaks Blvd.) in Santee, CA/92071.
Kaffee Meister serves hand-crafted teas and coffee beverages, along-side soups and
sandwiches, as well as various baked desserts.  Special thanks to Mike & Leslie for
the use of the performance space each week, along with energetic & attentive service
from their shop staff.  Call 1-619-928-9225 for more information.

Sign-Ups open at 5:30PM (your name in the jar),
Time Slot lottery drawing at 6:15PM, &
Performances from 6:30PM to 9:30PM.
Networking is Encouraged, especially among those wanting to trade time slots.
Please notify the Open Mic' Host of time slot trades.

FIFF...  <pant>  TEEN...  <gasp>  MINUTES?!?
The traditional open mic' format provides an evening of 10-minute time slots.
Our regular format is 15-minute guest segments through our three-hour
program (including guest set-up).  This affords our entertainers a little more
time to establish flow and contact with the audience in their presentation.
Heck... if they're good, it's a chance to take in a little bit more of their style.

We note that our guests have up to 15 minutes (not a minimum), and
cordially request that guests exercise consideration.  An over-time set
takes away from the following performer's set, and impacts everyone's
experience at our open mic'.  We invite family-friendly material, not too loud.
We take the proverbial rain check on spoken poetry and stand-up comedy.
Too many guests usurped these genre to slip in or justify foul language.

Open Mic Montage, 2009_Apr_02
Open Mic Montage, 2009_Apr_19
Concert opposite Peppertree, 2009_Jun_05
Tim Woods & Al Deininger
Gateway West Students, 2009_May_28
Marquita Lawson, "Danny Boy"
Sandy Lowe, 2009_Mar_19

Wood n Lips concert
Wings Over Gillespie in El Cajon.
SDFH Sam Hinton Folk Festival in Poway.

Wood'n'Lips (L-R): Bari Zwirn, Tim Woods, Gregory Gross.
Bari Zwirn page Tim Woods page Gregory Gross page Wood'n'Lips in Santee
Photo by Gregory Gross.

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